Uniforms – WorkWear

Not only applicable to schools but businesses as well.  The uniform creates a unified workforce as well as brand awareness out in the field.  Team members are equal, neat and professional in their clothing attire.  No unsightly surprises.  Uniforms also saves money in the long run.  With living costs ever increasing, there is no need to purchase clothing for office wear.  The uniform has rightly taken its place in the office attire sphere.

Let’s look at some major brands that utilize corporate uniforms.  Virgin Airlines, FNB, Caltex to name a few.  We can all agree that their uniforms sets them apart and enhances their brand, setting them apart from their competitors and making them easily identifiable.

In any business it is important to project a professional image, and to promote the business and brand effectively.  Consumers in general view professionally clad employees as competent and knowledgeable.

Corporate uniforms often fall in the ‘not urgent’ category when as is shown above, is extremely important.  Linton Enterprises will assist you to put together a well thought out and properly designed and manufactured corporate uniform.

We offer embroidery, pad printing, silk screening, embossing, engraving to name but a few.  Our turn-around time is 24 hours however, this does not include the artwork approval stage.  There are no minimum order requirements, unless the order is customised to customer specifications, and especially manufactured as opposed to ready-made.  All our products on offer are brandable as they were selected and sourced for that specific purpose.