Those who have gotten to know me over the years are aware that I have always contributed in some way to a charitable cause.

As I have not been able to continue donating my time over the past few years and with our new focus of Workwear, we have decided that from July 2018 on Linton Enterprises will donate R1 for every two piece overall sold, to Community Chest.

We are so looking forward to the day we are able to hand over a really healthy size cheque.



Initially I was a reader for Tape Aids for the Blind where I recorded books onto tapes, then CDs and eventually digitally, for distribution to people with vision impairment of any kind.  I was a reader at Tape Aids for the Blind from 1986 to 2011.  It was a rewarding and pleasurable experience and I was very sad to have to give it up when we moved out north.

During that time and subsequently, I assisted I Care, the organisation that gives shelter, assistance and solace to children living on the streets, with organising their annual golf day, this I did for at least 5 years.   Read more about their amazing work on

I then moved my allegiance to assisting Community Chest, as they distribute finance, goods and assistance to a wide range of charitable causes.  See below a flyer giving you an idea of all the needy causes they work with.