Promotional Clothing – Brand Names

According to the dictionary definition, “Promotional merchandise, promotional items, promotional products, promotional gifts, or advertising gifts are articles of merchandise that are branded with a logo and used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company”. And this includes promotional clothing.

All business needs some type of promotional item to help reach out to potential customers and clients.  Promotional clothing is one way of drawing in these new customers and allows people to see your brand and remember you.

To assist in your marketing and promotional campaigns, let promotional clothing to do the work for you.  Ranging anything from shirts, hats, jackets and any other piece of clothing, the promotional apparel route is the way to go to endorse a product, service or any other company agenda.  Imprinted with a company’s logo or agenda, it is a valuable item for any type of marketing.

To offer you the best results with no distortion or loss of definition, we require artwork with a hi-res in pdf or jpeg minimum requirements.  It must be noted that the best results are achieved from VECTORED format pdf.

Should you not have the correct artwork, Linton can assist with having the logo re-drawn at an additional cost.